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Take the Quiz: Find Out Which Animal You’re Most Like!

Finding out that we have things in common with other people can help us feel connected with them. If we know that someone is in our grade and that they also like to play soccer, we might feel closer to them and be more understanding of their needs (even if we don’t know them), because we can see ourselves in them. And by doing this, we’re using empathy—putting ourselves in someone else’s place.

But other humans aren’t the only ones we have things in common with. Did you know that pigs love lying in the sun and listening to music? Or that cows have best friends? By learning that we’re similar to animals in many ways, we’ll be able to see ourselves in them more easily, and that will help us understand their needs and have empathy for them, too.

cows snuggling

You may have more in common with some animals than with others. For example, some people love being around their best friends all the time. Dogs do, too. But some prefer to relax by themselves, just as deer do. Some of us are more independent and like to solve problems on our own, like rats—and others like to get advice from friends and family before making a decision, like chickens.

Want to know which animal you have the most in common with?


There are no right or wrong answers—all animals have special skills and interesting attributes. You may notice that even if you’re most like an elephant, you still have some of the same characteristics as a rat. Humans are animals, and that means we all have similarities—we’re all connected!

Animal Personality Quiz

Even though some animals walk on four legs, live in trees, or have different cultures from humans, all animals—including us—want to live free of suffering and can feel joy, fear, happiness, and pain.


Now that you know which animal you’re most like, send the quiz to your friends. You and your friends may not get the same results, showing that being kind to those who are a little different from you is something you’re already familiar with!