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These Animal Cracker Boxes Are Proof That Times Are Changing!

Amazing news! The boxes of Barnum’s animal crackers are getting a makeover. These snacks have been around since 1902, and they have always had a super-recognizable box: a red circus train car with animals like lions, polar bears, gorillas, and elephants behind bars. Now, after over 100 years of showing sad animals in the circus, the box has been redesigned, and the animals are now shown free in the wild!

Old Box

New Box

The timing for this makeover couldn’t be more perfect. Public opinion is changing, and people don’t want to go to circuses that use animals, because they now know how poorly the animals are treated. No one wants to see animals who are unhappy or are being abused for entertainment. So, it makes sense that no one would want to see that on a box of yummy (and vegan!) animal crackers.

In 2015, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus stated that it was going to stop using elephants in its shows. In January 2017, it announced that it was closing. Since then, many cities—and even countries—have banned the use of wild animal acts. Change is happening one step at a time, and we can’t wait until no animals are used in ANY circus!

Changes like this happen when people speak up for what they believe in. PETA and other animal rights activists had protested against Ringling for years, bringing awareness to the animals’ suffering. And we’re still protesting other circuses that use animals.

It might seem small—just a different picture on a box—but it represents a victory for all animals who have suffered in a circus. So, next time you see a box of these animal crackers, grab a few! ♥