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All About Animals Used for Entertainment

Most people visit circuses, roadside zoos, or marine parks and watch movies that feature animal “actors” because they love animals but have no idea how unnatural it is for animals to be captured, caged, and forced to entertain humans.

Animals used in circuses spend most of their lives stuck in trailers and never get to live freely. In roadside zoos, animals often live in enclosures or cages that are hundreds of times smaller than their homes in the wild. In marine parks like SeaWorld, orcas are given what is basically a concrete bathtub to live in. And in TV and film, animals are taken from their mothers as babies and used as nothing more than props.

Did You Know?

Elephants, tigers, and other animals forced to travel and perform in circuses are electro-shocked, beaten with long metal rods called “bullhooks,” and not given proper veterinary care.