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Animal Rights Zoom Backgrounds

Many classes and after-school activities around the country are still being held virtually, and there’s no easier way to help animals than with an animal rights Zoom background! Whether you’re in class online, chatting with friends, or having a video hangout with your family, these free Zoom backgrounds are perfect to use for any occasion and will encourage others to be kind to animals—no matter their species or size. (Psst—they also work for other types of online videos, like Google Classroom.)

Empathy Zoom Background

Superhero Zoom Background

Kind to All Zoom Background

How to Use Zoom Backgrounds

First, simply download the Zoom backgrounds. The next time you’re in a Zoom meeting, click the caret next to the video icon and select “Choose a virtual background.” Then upload one of your saved images to start saving animals! (Make sure you get your grownup’s permission before you start.) 😊