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Five Ways That Kids Can Fight Animal Testing

1. Take Our Pledge to Go Cruelty-Free!

The first step in stopping animal testing is to pledge that you won’t buy products that are tested on animals. Pledge to be cruelty-free and share it with your friends and family. Taking the pledge with someone is a great way to spread the word about animal testing. Plus, you get a cruelty-free buddy to speak out for animals with you!

2. Start at Home

Cute White Rat

Take our quiz to find out if your morning routine is cruelty-free. It’s easy—just look at all the  beauty and cleaning products in your home and check the back of them for PETA’s cruelty-free bunny logo. If you see it, you can rest easy knowing that the product wasn’t tested on animals! If not, don’t worry, you now know how awful animal testing is, and you are already working to make a difference.

3. Replace

Use our handy cruelty-free list to find some replacement products that have not been tested on animals. It is super-simple, and once you know which products to get, you will be zooming through the store in cruelty-free style in no time!

4. Make Your Voice Heard

Gather every product that you replaced and ask an adult to help you write to the companies that made them. Tell the companies that you will no longer be purchasing their products because you were horrified to find out that they were tested on animals. You can even mail the companies’ products back to them. Ask for a refund! You may not actually get your money back, but it will send a strong message to the companies that their animal testing made them lose a customer (and profits!).

Close Up of Cute Rabbit Outside5. Spread the Word!

Tell your friends and family about animal testing and encourage them to buy only cruelty-free products. Hand out stickers and leaflets to your friends at school, church, and extracurricular activities. If you convince three people to go cruelty-free, and they, in turn, convince three people—that means 12 people (!) are helping you save animals from cosmetics testing. That’s a lot of change from only three leaflets!