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Who Rescued YOU?!

Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of animals in shelters and foster homes waiting to be adopted and to finally find their forever homes! But sadly, every time someone buys a cat or a dog from a breeder or a pet store instead of adopting, an animal in a shelter or foster home loses his or her chance at finding a home. 🙁

Tell your family and friends that if they’re ready for the big responsibility of bringing a new animal companion into their home, they should ALWAYS adopt—and NEVER buy from a pet store or breeder!

So, do you want to help animals in shelters AND get awesome free stickers? Of course ya do!

Follow these steps:

1. Show off your animal companion by taking a photo of him or her with a sign that says, “He (or She) Rescued Me! Adopt, Don’t Buy!”

Dog With She Rescued Me Sign

Don’t have a furry friend at home? That’s OK! Take a photo with a sign that says, “Nice People Don’t Buy Animals. Adopt, Never Buy!”

Girl With Nice People Don't Buy Animals Sign

2. Receive PETA Kids stickers by submitting your photo and filling out the form below!

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