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Get a Veggie Burger!

Veggie Burger ProjectSo you’ve made the decision to stop eating animals—AWESOME! You are telling all your friends about it and feeling good. But there’s one problem: When you go to lunch every day, you don’t have anything to put on your tray except for soggy salad and French fries—BORING!

Everyone deserves a healthy lunch at school, and you shouldn’t have to brown bag it every day! Don’t worry—PETA Kids is here to help.

Getting veggie burgers in your cafeteria is super-easy!

Just Ask

A lot of times, getting a veggie burger added to your school cafeteria menu is as easy as just asking for it! Make an appointment with your principal and talk to him or her about getting a veggie burger added to the menu. Just remember to be polite and calm. Check out the frequently asked questions below to prepare what you want to say or help you answer questions:

Why do you want a veggie burger?

All students—whether they are vegan or not—deserve a healthy school lunch. I’m simply asking for more options for vegetarian and vegan students.

Can’t you just bring your own lunch?

Sure, but bringing a lunch isn’t always so easy, and everyone should be able to get a healthy lunch at school. Veggie burgers are good for all students—not just vegans or vegetarians—and provide students with a healthy option for lunch.

Can’t you just eat a salad?

Other schools have veggie burgers in their cafeterias for their students—why should I have to eat a boring salad every day? Schools should accommodate all students in the lunchroom, especially when veggie burgers are so healthy for everyone.

Why are you trying to force everyone to go vegan?

I’m not forcing anyone to go vegan—I’m just asking to have an option available in the lunchroom that I can eat.

Will it cost the school a lot of money or be hard to find?

Some of the country’s largest food-service providers already offer lots of vegan options, so it can be as simple as asking the school’s provider for them. Vegan products are more mainstream than ever, and it’s normally easy for any school to order them. If our school gets its food from Sysco or ARAMARK—you can definitely get a veggie burger. Just ask the company!

 My School Said No. What Next?

Print out this Veggie Burger Project petition, and get your friends, classmates, and even teachers to sign it! Then you can take it back to your principal to show that there is support for veggie burgers at your school. Seeing that a lot of people would like veggie burgers can be more convincing than having just one student ask for them. If so many people would order them, how can your school say no?

Veggie Burger Petition

My School Said Yes. What Next?

Great job! We would love to hear about your victory! Fill out the form below to let us know how it went, and you could be featured on the PETA Kids website.

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