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Research Topic: What’s Wrong With Circuses?

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Many people go to circuses because they love animals and can’t wait to see elephants, big cats, and other wild animals under the big top. But the truth is that circuses are no fun for animals! The crowds, bright lights, loud noises, and constant travel are confusing and stressful to these animals. Think about it: Just because you might want to run away and join the circus, don’t you think that elephants would rather bathe in the river, that tigers would rather lie in the shade, and that monkeys would rather cuddle their babies and hang out in the trees?


Animals in circuses have everything that is natural and important to them taken away from them, and worse yet, they are beaten and forced to perform silly tricks for our entertainment. The truth is, if you love ♥ animals, you should never go to the circus!

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Circuses break up families and separate baby elephants from their mothers because younger animals are easier to control. Common training methods include yelling and using electric shocks, whips, and the dreaded bullhook.  Imagine being jabbed, poked, and hit with this sharp metal-tipped stick just because you didn’t understand what somebody wanted. This is what baby elephants in circuses endure. From the time they begin training and for the rest of their lives in the circus, the bullhook will be used to hurt, scare, and intimidate them.

When they’re not performing, elephants in circuses are often chained for long hours on hard surfaces. Many captive elephants suffer from arthritis, foot infections, and other health problems, and these conditions may go untreated. Elephants in circuses also have to endure long journeys in small trailers through all weather extremes.


Elephants aren’t the only animals who suffer in circuses. Bears, tigers, chimpanzees, and other animals are also controlled through fear and physical abuse. Trainers use electric prods, whips, chains, and intimidation to control these beautiful, powerful animals and force them to perform unnatural and confusing tricks. Seriously, when have you ever seen a bear riding a bicycle in the wild or lions jumping through rings of fire in the jungle?!

Say NO to the circus!


Pretty sad stuff, right? Want to help these animals? All you have to do is NOT go to the circus—and tell your friends and family not to, either! And if your school is planning a field trip to the circus, try talking to your teacher about why circuses are cruel to animals and not educational at all.


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