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An 11-Year-Old Helps Animals and the Planet With Stickers

Eleven-year-old Elsa won PETA Kids’ 2019 Liberation Doodle Contest by creating the most artistic drawing about going vegan to help fight climate change. Her art visually explains that unless we take action—and quickly—the effects of climate change are going to keep getting worse and worse.

Climate change is having an impact all over the world. It’s affecting crops, forests, water quality, ecosystems, and the welfare of humans and other animals—even causing death. Young people are making a difference by speaking up, leading marches, and sharing easy ways to help, like using less water for showers and tooth brushing and not using plastic straws or bags—but these small actions aren’t nearly enough.

If you’re serious about protecting the environment, one of the most important things you can do is stop eating meat, eggs, and dairy.

Besides the slaughter of millions of animals, animal agriculture also involves the use of vast amounts of grain, water, and energy. So one of the best ways to help fight climate change is to go vegan.

o-Anne McArthur, spain, dairy and veal farm, cows, overgrown hooves© Jo-Anne McArthur / Animal Equality

Elsa says: “[W]e are running out of time. Using animals for food is cruel to the animals, harmful to human health, and destroying our beautiful planet. The answer to our problems is to GO VEGAN! There is no better time than now!”

Sticker winner

Congratulations to Elsa for winning the contest and for sharing her artwork with others in the form of a sticker!