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Dana Heath’s ‘Dream for Animals’: We Can Be the Light

Danger Force actor and animal advocate Dana Heath met up with PETA Kids for a day in the sun with beautiful rescued animals living their best lives free from harm—which is how every feeling being should live. Watch her “Dream for Animals” video—shot at The Gentle Barn in California—and read her inspiring words.

By Dana Heath, actor and animal advocate

When you think of a more peaceful world for animals, what does it look like? I see animals enjoying time with their loved ones, doing what makes them happy, and living free from harm. I see humans admiring animals’ unique personalities and amazing abilities.

Making just one animal’s day better can seriously give your brain a boost of happiness. You could take your dog for an extra-long walk, play a mentally stimulating game with your cat, or pick up trash in the park so local wildlife don’t get hurt. When we lead with kindness, we can truly make a difference.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or as though things happening in the world are out of your control, you aren’t alone. But remember: We can be the change we want to see. We have the power to save animals’ lives every single day. That’s huge. One person can make a difference, and together, we have the strength to change the world.

Actor Dana Heath spending time with a brown horse at an animal sanctuary

It’s empowering to know we can help others—even by doing seemingly small things like opting for a veggie burger instead of a hamburger, choosing ice cream made from oat milk instead of cow’s milk, or shopping from brands that never test on animals. Every single day, we can make a difference.

So what would our world look like if we considered all living, feeling beings when making each of our choices? The only way we’ll know is if we start today.


We can be the change we want to see. And the best part? You can get started right now: Become a PETA Kids member to get active for animals in all types of ways—big and small!