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A Young Girl’s Art With Heart!

Seven-year-old Eloise loves to paint—especially flowers, animals, people, and houses. “I have been painting since September of last year,” she says. “I love art because my mom is an artist. I have my very own art nook in my room.”

Eloise also loves animals, so she decided to sell her paintings and donate the money to her local animal shelter. She got the word out about her plan by telling her friends, family members, and people at her school. Her mom even posted about her painting on Facebook.

Once she had raised $500, she asked the shelter what it needed most. The shelter said that it needed food and money to cover veterinary care for the animals. Eloise spent $100 on supplies, like food and toys, and also gave the shelter a $400 check.

Finally, she went to the shelter to reveal the results of all her hard work. “I felt really excited and proud,” she said. And she has no plans of stopping! Eloise was invited to participate in a local art show called Art 4 Paws that also raises money for local shelters.

Just because you’re a kid doesn’t mean that you can’t change the world! Eloise wants other kids to know that little people can do great things, just as big people can. “[F]irst ask [yourself] what would you like to do to help,” she says. “You don’t have to do paintings—do what you want. … Once you start it, never give up.” She hopes other people will want to help animals and make a difference after hearing her story.

We hope other kids are inspired to be as kind and creative as Eloise! Everyone has a special talent, and we challenge you: What talent can YOU use to help out a cause that you’re passionate about?