The Best Accidentally Vegan Cereals of All Time

Can you imagine starting your day off any other way than with a big ol’ bowl of cereal before school? No? We can’t either, and thankfully, we don’t have to since some of the best cereals of all time are already accidentally vegan (meaning they don’t contain any yucky animal ingredients). Did your fave brand make the list? Find out!

Note: There are lots of accidentally vegan cereals out there—these are just our top picks!

1. Reese’s Puffs


Whoever thought to combine chocolate and peanut butter is a genius, and whoever made this mouthwatering combo into a cereal should become president. Use chocolate almond milk for the ultimate chocolate lover’s experience.

These little squares of sugary-cinnamon goodness make us want to do back flips. And we would (if we weren’t so full from eating so many of them).

2. Cap’n Crunch


This guy is a captain for a reason. We would board his ship full of crunchy sweetness any day.

3. Corn Pops


These golden nuggets are so yummy that we could eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a midnight snack … the list is endless.

Pair these cereals with nondairy milk and fruit, and you’ll have yourself a healthier, yummier, animal-free breakfast. Now you’re free to get to snackin’. Enjoy!