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DIY Schoolbook Covers

Did you know that one of the best places to speak up for animals is at your school? It’s true! Did you also know that you can even show your ♥ for furry friends with your math book (or reading, English, or science book)? You better believe it!

Show your whole class how much you love animals with a do-it-yourself book cover! It’s easy to make, and once you have all your books covered, you can get super-creative by drawing a cute picture with your favorite animal rights message and covering the rest with PETA Kids stickers!

Want to get started? Here’s how:



  1. Open your textbook and lay it, cover side down, on a sheet of craft paper, then trace around it with a pencil. Have an adult help you cut the paper so that there are approximately 2 extra inches of paper above and below your pencil markings and 4 extra inches of paper on the left and right book cover step 1
  2. Using the pencil markings, fold the top and bottom of the paper to fit the size of the book cover step 2
  3. Fold the right and left portions of the paper to fit the front and back covers of the book cover step 3
  4. Slide the textbook’s front and back covers into the ends of the paper, and your textbook is book cover step 4
  5. Get creative!diy book cover step 5

Send us a photo of a book cover you made and we’ll send you a free PETA Kids goodie pack, including a set of comic books!

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