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FREE Coloring Sheet: Respect All Life—Don’t Dissect !

Every single cat, frog, pig, rat, rabbit, and other animal who ends up on a dissection tray was once alive.

And NONE of them wanted to die and be cut apart in a classroom. If you—and other students like you—choose not to dissect (and ask for options like virtual dissection instead), millions of animals won’t be killed for this cruel practice. We can be a part of the change—by choosing to use animal-free alternatives to dissection, we can literally save lives.

Animals of all kinds—whether they’re humans, chickens, or frogs—deserve to be respected. Their lives are not ours to take, and we should never harm another living being. That’s why you should show everyone you know that you respect life and choose not to dissect with this FREE coloring sheet.

Just ask your parent to help you print the sheet, and then fill it in and put it on display by attaching it to your binder, placing it on your fridge, or even hanging it up in your school locker or cubby.

And remember: If your teacher mentions animal dissection at school, talk to your parents about asking for virtual dissection or a different project instead. It’s always important to use your voice for animals.