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Decorate Your Pumpkin With These Cute Pro-Vegan Stencils!

Does it even truly feel like Halloween before the pumpkin is carved? This scary season, put your carving skills to the test (with the help and supervision of your parents, of course!) and use your pumpkin to speak up for animals—with these super-cute stencils:


      1. Download one of the stencils above and print it out.
      2. Use a toothpick or pin to poke holes through the outlines of the stencil to hold it in place, and trace the pattern onto your pumpkin. Then carve, shave, or color your design. (Always make sure you have a parent’s permission before using a knife or any other tool with a sharp blade.)
      3. Show off your pumpkin! Place it outside or in the window for your whole neighborhood to see. ?