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Your Mom Will LOVE These Printable Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day is coming up, and while other species might not celebrate it (as far we know), that doesn’t mean animal moms aren’t just as great as human moms! Moms are known for making us food, teaching us right from wrong, helping us when we’re sick or injured, and showing us unconditional love that can turn any frown upside down.

Mothers Day Cards

Babies of many species rely on their moms to provide food, life lessons, nurturing, and love. Baby elephants and whales need their mothers’ (and grandmothers’) care, knowledge, and support. And mother rabbits build a nest for their babies and regularly bring in clean materials and remove dirty ones to keep it tidy for them.

Mothers Day Cards

Our Mother’s Day celebrations should honor all the great mamas out there, even the ones covered with fur, scales, or feathers. This year, give yours a PETA Kids Mother’s Day card featuring an animal mom and her baby. All you have to do is click on the image, print out the card, color it in, and maybe even write a special note inside. ?Mothers Day CardsMothers Day Cards

Mothers Day Cards

Elephant, whale, and bunny mamas aren’t the only ones who care about their young, either! Did you know that a mother alligator will gently carry her babies from the nest to the water in her mouth? Or that before her chicks hatch, a mother hen clucks to them and they chirp back from inside the egg? ? Like you, young ones of all species love their mothers and need their love in return—orangutans even remain dependent on their moms for up to the first seven years of their lives.

Mother hen and baby

And just as your mom takes good care of you, animal moms love their babies, form strong bonds with them, and would do anything to protect them.