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Give Bunnies a ‘Hand’ With This Animal-Friendly Activity

Bunnies are unique individuals who love companionship and their favorite foods. When they’re happy they purr, and those in nature live in large groups. They should always be treated with respect and compassion—NEVER used as laboratory equipment. ❤️

Every year around the world, hundreds of thousands of animals—like bunnies, guinea pigs, rats, and mice—are poisoned and killed in cruel product tests. Experimenters force them to swallow or inhale large amounts of a test substance or they drip it into their sensitive eyes or rub it on their shaved skin. ? These animals spend their entire lives in small cages, living in fear and suffering through these agonizing tests without anything to alleviate the pain. This is NO way to treat a living, feeling being. Bunnies and all other animals deserve to be free. They love their families and friends and want to live their own lives as they please, just as much as we do.

Give bunnies a “hand”!

The best way to help animals in labs used for product testing is to make sure you and your family only buy shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning products, etc., that are cruelty-free. But another way to stick up for animals is to encourage others to see them as the individuals they are. We should help people understand that animals, regardless of species, aren’t here for us to experiment on. Let’s give bunnies and other animals suffering in labs a “hand” with this fun five-step activity:

 1. Get a piece of paper and some crayons or markers (plus some squiggly eyes and a small pompom if you have them handy).

2. Make a “peace sign” with your hand, then lay it like that on your piece of paper and trace around it with a crayon or marker.

3. Draw some back and front paws, some eyes, a nose, and a mouth on your bunny, then color it all in! (If you’ve got squiggly eyes, glue those on instead of drawing eyes—and you can use a pompom for the nose.)

4. Add a cruelty-free saying to your sign, like one of these:

  • Don’t test on me!
  • Ban animal experiments!
  • Bunnies have rights!
  • Stop animal tests!
  • Test tubes, not bunnies!

5. Hang up your bunny artwork for all to see. (Your fridge is a great spot for it—or put it in a window facing outside so people walking by can see.) Also, ask your parents to share a pic of your bunny online and tag us at @PETAKids.