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FREE ‘Rats and Mice’ Coloring Sheet

Rats and mice are unique animals who have lives all their own. While many people know them as animals who might be found inside our homes, they actually live in nature—like in fields or in the woods. Use this coloring page to learn more about rats and mice and what you can do to help them!

mouse and rat coloring sheet on a blue blackground

Rats and Mice Belong in Nature

These animals don’t belong in your home—but they might end up there anyway. Ask your grown-up NEVER to harm a rat or mouse and to catch them using a humane mousetrap and then carefully release them outside. But don’t take them too far away—mice can only survive if they’re released near where they were trapped (within 100 yards). And to make sure they don’t return, your family should seal any holes leading into your home, keep dry food in air-tight storage containers, clean up any crumbs, and tightly seal trashcans.


No matter an animal’s size or species, we should treat them the way we would want to be treated—with kindness and respect. Share this coloring sheet with your siblings or friends so they can learn more about rats and mice, too!