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FREE Birthday Cards for Kids

Do you know someone in your class or neighborhood who has a birthday coming up? Make them smile by giving them one of our printable birthday cards! They’re free, and there are three options to choose from—a dog, bunny, or pigs. And you can choose if you print the card in color or in black and white and color it in. The best part is each card shares an awesome animal fact, so whomever you gift it to will learn all about animals. ❤️

Did you know that dogs are great listeners? Or that pigs can play video games? Animals are unique individuals who each have their own life. They enjoy doing so many awesome things with their family and friends—just like you do. They should always be treated with compassion and respect.

Free Printable Birthday Cards

Click on the card you like the most and print it in color or grab some crayons or markers and color it yourself.

Dog Birthday Card

Printable birthday card of a dog wearing a red harness surrounded by confetti

Bunny Birthday Card

Birthday card of a bunny standing up around a bunch of presents with a banner over their head that reads: hoppy birthday

Pig Birthday Card

a birthday card of two pink pigs touching noses surrounded by hearts.


A birthday card doesn’t have to be the only way you celebrate others! Show them how much you care with something sweet: