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Corky the Orca’s Sad Story

Corky the orca has been suffering at SeaWorld for almost her entire life. She was born off the coast of British Columbia, where she lived happily with her family in what’s called a “pod.” But one day, some mean people came and kidnapped her, and she has been trapped in a tank ever since. She’s been this way for 54 years, which is longer than any other orca in the world.

Since being taken from her ocean home, Corky has had seven babies. They all died, and some of them died before they were even born. Can you imagine how sad that must’ve been for her?

But you can help her. All you have to do is never visit SeaWorld or any other marine park that keeps animals trapped like this.

Want to do even more to help orcas like Corky who are stuck at SeaWorld?