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The Coolest Gadgets for a Vegan Kitchen

Calling all junior chefs! The kitchen is one of the coolest spots in your house. Helping your parents make meals or coming up with your own creations is SUCH a blast. Here are some fun gadgets to take your cooking skills to the next level:

Mini Cookie Cutters

Itty-bitty cookie cutters can turn any simple fruit or vegetable dish into a work of art. Use them to make colorful and creative veggie trays and oh-so-cool toppings for smoothie bowls or vegan cupcakes.

Animal Shaped Waffle Maker

There is an ENDLESS variety of fun shaped waffle makers, but we’re loving this one that makes elephant-, giraffe-, and bunny-shaped waffles! Between these and the fruit shapes above, you could really make a scene at the breakfast table!

Toast Stamps

You can get toast stamps of anything, including your favorite superheroes, movie characters, or sports team logos. There’s a company that will even make a toast stamp of your FACE!

Corn on the Cob Holders

There’s nothing better than corn on the cob in the summer, but there’s nothing WORSE than burning your fingers on said corn. Luckily, there are tons of cute handles that you can stick into the ends of the cob to solve this problem.


Fruit and Vegetable Peelers

These peelers make monkeying around in the kitchen much more fun. Use them instead of a boring old peeler to skin all those yummy fruits and veggies.


When making pasta for dinner, the possibilities are endless, but no matter what kind you make, you’ll want to have this dino along to help you dish it out.

Hen and Chick Measuring Cups

We love this set of measuring cups, not only because it’s a cute way to measure out all the ingredients for vegan cookies but also because it shows a chick where all babies belong: with their mother, not being used by the meat or egg industry.


Turning veggies into noodles somehow makes them better. Even if you don’t like eating your veggies, we guarantee that using this gadget will make you love preparing and eating them.

Beginner Chopsticks

These colorful beginner chopsticks are so easy and fun to use that you’ll want to eat all your meals with them.

Popsicle Maker

Popsicles are so much fun to make because you can get crazy creative. From rainbow pops to ice cream and smoothies, you can really freeze anything into popsicle shapes. We love this gadget because it can freeze the popsicles in as little as seven minutes. This brand also has tons of cool accessories to turn you into the ultimate popsicle master.