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Kids’ Favorite Foods—Veganized!

We all have our favorite meals, right? Mac ‘n’ cheese, pizza, tacos … you get it! But even the foods that we love most aren’t as important as letting animals live free, happy lives. And that’s why we eat vegan versions of our faves. PETA Kids has made things easy with this list of veganized versions of some of the most popular kids’ foods, so we never have to hurt an animal to eat what we love. How cool is that?!



Waffles are a great way to start the day—or end one. Brands like Kashi, Van’s, and Nature’s Path all make yummy vegan waffles. Nature’s Path has fun flavors, too, like dark chocolate chip and wildberry, while Van’s offers vegan French toast sticks and pancakes.


What makes ravioli so great is its filling. Try ones stuffed with mushrooms, vegan sausage, or spinach.


Make your own “spaghettios” by grabbing some anellini (“little rings”) pasta and your favorite pasta sauce—store-bought (just check the ingredients to make sure it’s vegan) or homemade.

Chicken-Free Nuggets and Tenders

These are classics, and they can be dunked into so many delicious vegan sauces. We adore dipping our nuggets in BBQ sauce, vegan ranch, or even mustard!



Tacos are already very vegan-friendly. So many of the usual ingredients are animal-free, and you can also opt to add a meatless crumble (Gardein and Trader Joe’s store brand are our favorites), some dairy-free sour cream, and/or some vegan cheese.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

I think it’s safe to say that mac ‘n’ cheese is a favorite for most of us! These vegan versions are absolutely great, and if we eat nondairy cheese instead of the dairy kind, no mama cow has to be separated from her baby.♥


There’s just something about vegan meat and cheese on a cracker that makes our mouths water. Use this photo as inspiration to make your own lunch combinations. We used Tofurky ham slices, vegan crackers, and Daiya cheddar slices. You can also buy them from the store now! Mighty Yum makes three different types. 

Hot Dogs

Nothing says “summer treat” like a veggie dog! Try some of our faves from brands like Beyond Meat, Lightlife, and Yves. 

Chicken-Free Noodle Soup

Amy’s does it again with this soup that has all the flavor and none of the cruelty.

Grilled Cheese

We love any excuse to eat all the vegan cheese. Just spread some vegan butter onto bread and add a few slices of your favorite nondairy cheese for this super-simple classic kids’ fave. You could even add some Tofurky slices to spice up your meal—yum!

Corn Dogs

These tasty mini–corn dogs take center stage and are even better dipped in mustard and/or ketchup.

Pizza Pockets

Pizza pockets are quick to heat up and so tasty. Mmmm!


Everyone’s favorite campfire dessert is fun to make. Just use “accidentally vegan” graham crackers and chocolate paired with Dandies or Trader Joe’s vegan marshmallows.


See how simple it is to veganize your most-loved foods? Plus, now you can share all these mouthwatering meals with your friends and show them just how easy it is to eat vegan and save animals.