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Create Halloween Magic With a Switch Witch

For kids, Halloween means costumes and candy. But for vegan kids, the treat aspect can be a bit tricky. While there is great vegan candy, a majority of what your neighbors probably hand out isn’t cruelty-free. Luckily, Switch Witches can fly into your homes to help. They are great for vegan families or for families who don’t want to eat too much unhealthy candy.

How Switch Witches Work

In October, your family will “host” your witch. Take care of her, show her kindness and hospitality, and treat her as a guest. She’ll see when the kids are behaving and reward them at Halloween.

On Halloween, your kids can go trick-or-treating with their friends and collect all the candy they want. When they come home, you can pick out the vegan candy together or decide that you want to give the whole lot to your Switch Witch. Leave the candy out on Halloween night with her, and in the morning, the kids will find that she has left them a gift (or a selection of all-vegan candy!) in exchange for their trick-or-treat candy.

Nellie got a mailbox from her Switch Witch

What you do with the candy your kids “exchanged” is up to you, but we recommend donating it to a homeless shelter or to the troops!

Why We Love This Idea

  • It gives health-conscious vegan families a fun way to participate in Halloween traditions.
  • It creates an opportunity to teach kids about kindness and responsibility.
  • You can show off your creativity. There are no rules, so you can be as fun and imaginative as you want. You can choose how to treat your Switch Witch as a guest, how much candy to exchange, what your kids’ gift will be, and what to do with the candy that your children give away. The possibilities are endless!
  • You and your family get to create new traditions and make fun Halloween memories together.

Get your Switch Witch here.

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