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Take a Step Toward Compassion With These Vegan Toddler Shoes

Your little one is officially walking—taking strides across the living room, running down the hallway, and even cruising around your neighborhood! Your toddler has outgrown vegan baby shoes and ...

Introducing a New Baby to Your Canine Companion

Bringing home a new baby is one of the most exciting moments...

Tips on Throwing Your Kid the Best Vegan Birthday Party

Does your compassionate kiddo want a party for their birthday? Want to...

mom holding her infant in monkeybusinessimages

New and Expecting Parents: Check Out PETA Kids’ Must-Haves to Create a Kind Nursery

Preparing to welcome a new baby? Set up their space—and yours—with these vegan essentials that are kind to animals, our planet, and that sweet bundle of joy.

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