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characters Bingo and Lila from Bluey with a green caterpiller © Ludo Studio.

‘Bluey’ is Given ‘Bug Bestie’ Award by PETA Kids

As any parent of young kids knows, Bluey is extremely popular. Both kids and parents take away great lessons from the show. And in the recently released episode called ...

Festive for Your Family, Fireworks Can Be Terrifying for Animals

Whether it’s the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, or any other...

Buckle Up: Use These Tips to Travel Safely With Your Dog or Cat in the Car

Did you know that traveling by car with your animal companion is...

Is Your Local Pumpkin Patch or Fall Festival Animal-Friendly?

Autumn is here! And that usually means visits to your local pumpkin patch or fall festival. However, these places often offer activities that aren’t humane, like pony rides or ...

© Fork and Beans | © instagram/theveganspy

DIY Vegan Girl Scout Cookie Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings

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