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Why Alicia Silverstone Says NO to Animal Dissection: A Parent’s Guide 

Nearly 30 years after actor and PETA honorary board member Alicia Silverstone first teamed up with PETA to encourage students to “cut out” animal dissection, she’s back—now joined by ...

How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher About Animals in the Curriculum

We know our children’s schools are doing their best to provide a...

Teach Kids the Power of Words With TeachKind’s Language Guide

When we know better, we can do better! TeachKind’s language guide can...


Turkey-Friendly Books for Thanksgiving

Gather your little ones and read some of these turkey-friendly books to them. They'll learn more about turkeys, but they’ll also realize that turkeys don’t want to be killed ... Roberson

Red Flags in Your Kid’s Curriculum

For Kids