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Prepackaged Vegan Snacks and Treats for Your Kids

It’s always a good idea to have plenty of snacks on hand for your little ones. They really help in a pinch! The prepackaged vegan snacks and treats on this list are perfect for you and your family. They’re great for whenever—whether you want to add a little something to kids’ school lunches, need to grab something quick on your way out, or just want some yummy items on hand for snacking. We turned to the parents who work here at PETA, and these are the snacks mentioned over and over as the ones they often feed their kids:

GoMacro kids’ bars

MadeGood products

Hippeas puffs and chips

Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs and Fries

Once Upon a Farm smoothie pouches

Abe’s muffins

GoGo squeeZ applesauce and pudding pouches

Skout Organic bars

Daiya Cheeze Sticks

That’s it. fruit bars

Partake cookies

Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Skinny Pop Popcorn (Original, White Cheddar, and Sweet & Salty Kettle flavors)

Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws Sea Salt

Lärabar Original and Minis

Simple Truth Plant-Based Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

Babybel Plant-Based

From the Ground Up Cauliflower Stalks

BEAR fruit rolls

Bobo’s products

Outstanding Foods Outstanding Puffs, Cheese Balls, and Pig Out Crunchies

Beyond Meat Jerky

Beanfields chips

Vegan Rob’s products

Alternative Baking Company cookies

Solely: Organic Whole Fruit Gummies

Forager Project Organic Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt pouches

PeaTos Rings and Curls


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