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How to Throw the Perfect Vegan Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower—or any party—can be stressful, but we’ll show you how to make throwing the perfect vegan baby shower easy! Use these tips and tricks to create a compassionate party for a special mother-to-be and her bundle of joy.


Use streamers, flowers, banners, and more! Opt for some DIY decorations if you’re feeling crafty, or purchase gift set centerpieces that the mother-to-be can use later—like this adorable onesie bouquet from Etsy. Want to assemble gift bags for your guests? Fill them with cruelty-free lotion, vegan candy (such as Cocomels caramels), and a vegan, cruelty-free candle.


Food is the best part of any party, so you’ll want to provide a tasty and compassionate spread that everyone will enjoy. First, decide on whether you’d like to make the food yourself. If so, check out these finger food recipes from PETA. If you’d rather order the food, call or visit your grocery store to see if you can request a vegan meal or cake for your party, or join a local vegan Facebook group and ask if someone could recommend a vegan restaurant to order from. Some grocery stores, such as Whole Foods, have an array of delicious premade vegan foods that are great for parties—including cakes! Here are some ideas for vegan party foods to serve at the shower:

Wraps, sandwiches, and pinwheels are always a good idea.

This baby carriage made out of fruit would be an adorable addition.

Don’t forget the cake!


From baby-themed Mad Libs to the “don’t get caught saying ‘baby'” diaper-pin collecting game, there are many tried and true shower games that guests are sure to enjoy. You can even “veganize” the the “dirty diaper” game by using Go Max Go or other dairy-free chocolate bars or use vegan baby food for the “guess the flavor” baby food game. Alternatively, you can supply fabric paint and have everyone decorate a plain onesie for the new baby.


Help the mother-to-be create a baby shower registry of only cruelty-free and vegan items to ensure that guests don’t inadvertently purchase cruel products. You can even add a note to the shower invitations reminding guests that the party is cruelty-free and vegan and that the soon-to-be mom doesn’t use any products—such as clothing, diapers, or bath products—that harm animals.


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