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These Small Businesses Are Leading With Compassion

Shopping small brands is a great way to support everyday people. It’s also important for us as parents to put our money into companies that share our values—such as compassion for all living, feeling beings. That’s why these vegan small businesses are perfect for your family to support. They make products that are not only awesome for kids but also kind to animals. Check out some of our faves:

Be-Ve Kids

Be-Ve Kids’ mission is to help parents raise compassionate, conscientious, plant-based kids—and we think this business is crushing it! Choose from a variety of fun plates and puzzles to inspire your little one.

Deux par Deux

This Canadian brand works hard to make unique children’s clothes that perfectly portray kids’ personality and style. It also has great vegan winter gear that’s hard to pass up.

Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers

Cynthia King is a leader in her industry. She’s a talented ballet teacher with a dance studio in New York, and she wants to make sure the production of her ballet shoes doesn’t hurt anyone. That’s why hers are vegan—so dancers can take a graceful step toward reducing cruelty to animals.

Snails Nail Polish

Eco-friendly, kid-safe, vegan … need we say more? This nail polish brand is 10/10 for us! And the packaging and variety of colors make us stop in our tracks.

Clever Coconuts

Mom and creator Rebecca Connolly really knows how to make play food eco-friendly, fun, and compassionate. She’s created vegan wooden food playsets for kids, because who wants to play with toy animal-derived foods?

Eco Sports

This brand makes vegan balls for every sport, so keep lots of them on hand for whenever your child is ready to try something new.


Know of other awesome vegan small businesses that makes it easier than ever to raise kids vegan? We’d love to hear from you! E-mail us at [email protected] with your suggestion. And meanwhile, check out some great books that encourage empathy in kids:

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