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Something That TOTALLY Makes No Sense

Let’s talk about dogs and pigs. Ever wondered why some people love dogs and treat them as members of their family but eat pigs?

It seems crazy when you consider how much dogs and pigs are really alike!

Both are cute:

Cute Pig


Both are lovable:

Both are smart:


Both have families and want to be with those they love:

Neither wants to live like this:

Or die for this:

If the thought of eating a dog makes you sad or disgusted, shouldn’t the thought of eating a pig make you feel the same way? What about eating a cow, a chicken, a turkey, or a fish? They’re all animals with unique lives, personalities, and families of their own.

The main difference between them is the way humans treat them. Dogs are members of our families, but just because most of us don’t share our homes with pigs doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show them the same love and kindness.

Thankfully, you can show love and kindness every day with every meal. When you go vegan, you celebrate all animals and give them the happy, free lives they deserve!