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10 Ways to Show Your Dog Love, With Janel Parrish

When she’s not dazzling the judges on Dancing With the Stars or keeping fans entertained on Pretty Little Liars, you can find Janel Parrish showering her adopted pup, Kleo, with love and affection. In her new video for PETA Kids, Janel spends a sunshine-filled afternoon with Kleo, while showing some fun and easy ways to be your dog’s BFF:

Being your furry friend’s BFF isn’t all fun and games, though. It’s a lifelong commitment to loving and caring for someone else who is completely dependent on you. Dogs aren’t fashion accessories or toys. They’re living, breathing animals who feel fear, joy, and sadness, just like us. Dogs (and all companion animals!) deserve a guardian who will protect them, play with them, and, above all, love and care for them.