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Chalk Your Driveway for Animals!

Here at PETA Kids, we think art is pretty cool. Know what’s extra-cool? Art that saves lives!

Show your love for animals by chalking your favorite animal rights message onto your driveway (check with your parents first, though), and ask your friends and neighbors to do it, too! This is a great way to get people who pass by to think about ways they might be hurting animals—and ways they can be nice to them instead.

Not sure what to draw? Check out these examples:

in this house animals have rights chalk art

End speciesism chalk art

kindness is contagious go vegan chalk art

Sidewalk Chalk Mission: Animals Are Friends Not Food

boy in PETA Shirt posing on a driveway in front of chalk art that reads: Go Vegan

Send us a photo of your animal rights themed chalk art and we’ll send you some free PETA Kids comic books!

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