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PETA Kids’ Back-to-School Guide

With the start of classes just around the corner, you and your parents should be getting ready to load up on back-to-school gear! From hand sanitizer to notebooks, PETA Kids is here to help you make a statement this school year—a statement that says you don’t have to harm any animals in order to have everything you’ll need for whatever this year throws your way.

Hand Sanitizer

Nobody likes to get sick, and with so many germs everywhere, it’s always best to keep our hands clean. Keep a cruelty-free hand sanitizer in your backpack or locker to make sure you’re ready whenever you need some.

Cruelty-Free Supplies

Whether you need a notebook to practice your multiplication tables or markers to add some color to your science project, make sure you buy brands that don’t test on animals—like Pilot.

Vegan Lunch

Your school may not have vegan lunch options—yet! But while you work to get animal-free choices added to the menu, you can pack your own vegan food. From mini pizzas to tacos, there are so many delicious meal ideas you can use to make lunches (with the help of your parents, of course).

Lip Balm

Lots of talking and laughing with your friends during recess might make your lips chapped. There are many lip balms not tested on animals—like Hurraw!, Eco Lips, and Lip Smacker. When you choose a humane lip balm, you’re not only making your lips soft but also sticking up for animals.

Book Covers

Your teacher may ask you to cover some of your textbooks. Speak up for animals by making your own animal rights–themed book cover. You can decorate your own notebook or binder with animal rights stickers or coloring sheets, too.


Using a cruelty-free lotion daily can help make sure skin stays healthy and happy.

Vegan Balls

If you’re sporty, you may know that the balls you play with in gym class or at team practices may not be animal-friendly. Companies like Eco Sports make balls for various sports without cruelty to animals. Let your coach know—they could make a compassionate switch.


Show off your new sneakers when you go back to school. Make sure they’re vegan and don’t have any leather, fur, wool, or suede used in them.

Sustainable Clothing

Get back to basics with a wardrobe that’s vegan, too. Always look out for clothes that may have leather, wool, suede, silk, cashmere, down, or other animal skins in them.


Now that you have all this cruelty-free gear, we know this is going to be your best school year yet!