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Count Down to Christmas With Cute Vegan Advent Calendars!

We just can’t wait for Christmas—we’re counting down the days ’til December 25! One of our favorite ways to make the days leading up to Christmas special is using an Advent calendar. If you’ve never seen one, it looks like a large book or calendar and has little windows for days of the month. Each day, you open a window and find a treat inside.

Often, the treats are made of chocolate, which sometimes contains milk. Since kind kids know there’s never a reason to eat anything made with cow’s milk, we found some great vegan Advent calendars that will allow you and your family to celebrate the holidays while being nice to animals.

Here’s a look at some of our favorites:

Amanda’s Own Confections

This calendar shows a scene from the big night: Santa coming down the chimney. The brand’s website has tons of other holiday-themed chocolate, too.

No Whey Chocolate

The windows of this Advent calendar feature some classic symbols of the season, and behind each one is a piece of nondairy milk chocolate. Yum!

No Whey vegan advent calendar

Moo Free

This vegan company based in England makes wonderful “milk” chocolate. While you and your parents might have a hard time finding Moo Free’s products in U.S. stores, luckily, we have the internet. ☺️

MooFree vegan advent calendarMooFree

Divine Chocolate

This brand has a whole vegan section. And this calendar can be purchased on the company’s website or on World Market’s website:

Divine Chocolate Vegan Advent CalendarDivine Chocolate


If you want to get creative, you could ask your parents to buy an empty Advent calendar and fill it with vegan chocolates, such as these No Whey! Foods Milkless Holiday Figurines.

No Whey


If you’d rather have toys than candy, there’s this fun LEGO City Advent Calendar. You get a surprise figure or pieces each day. Who knows what you’ll be able to build by the end of the month?!

lego advent calendar

Melissa & Doug

This is another non-food Advent calendar—it lets you count down to Christmas by putting an ornament on the magnetic tree each day. How fun!

Happy Pawlidays Vegan Dog Treat Advent Calendar for your dog

Include your pup in the seasonal celebrations, too! This dog treat advent calendar includes organic vegan dog treats that are handmade for PETA by Threepaws Gourmet.

PETA's Happy Pawlidays Dog Treat Calendar for pups