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Have You Met Lucas the Spider?

When you come across spiders, do you ever think about the sorts of things they like to do, the friends they have, or their favorite places to sleep? Well, after watching Lucas the Spider, you will definitely wonder about all these things when you look at your spider roommates!

Lucas the Spider is a unique miniseries created by animator Joshua Slice that follows a very cute and talented jumping spider who has an adorable voice. This show is now available for streaming on Max and Netflix.

Lucas is always involved in some sort of adventure. He gets stuck outdoors in the cold, escapes a human’s attempt at catching him in the house, looks for the very best spot for a nap, and tries to meet new friends (like a “polar bear dog” and a trash-eating fly).

Like other animals, Lucas is a smart individual with feelings who has his own personality and things he likes to do. For many viewers, this is probably the first time they’ve ever looked at spiders in this way. That’s why we encourage you to check out Lucas the Spider—it helps us appreciate spiders for the amazing animals they truly are.

Be sure to share this super-cute and entertaining show with your friends to help change the way people think about spiders—and other animals, too. 

And remember: Just like Lucas, real spiders feel pain, fear, and a bunch of other emotions, too. So don’t ever stomp on or try to kill a spider in or around your home, school, or park—and be a friend to these animals by sticking up for them if someone you know tries to hurt them. They love being able to explore (just like us!) so trapping them and putting them in a box wouldn’t be nice. Help spiders by admiring them in their natural habitats and not capturing them or bothering them in their homes.

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