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Kind Kid Raises Money for Dogs and Cats Injured in Fire

Kaden Simpson, an 11-year-old from North Carolina, is taking action for dogs and cats at an animal shelter! Recently, 12 animals in his area were injured in a house fire. Sadly, their human died. ?

Once Kaden found out about the fire and looked through the pictures of all the animals who’d been hurt, he knew he had to do something. So he set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for their emergency veterinary care and food.

PETA Kids is recognizing Kaden for his compassion for animals and for raising money for those in great need by giving him a Hero to Animals Award.

Each year, he donates his birthday money to the animal shelter, and he says that he’s given it more than $1,000 so far!

Kaden has adopted dogs and cats and knows how important it is to give them a comfortable home and lots of love and care. He says that anyone who wants to help companion animals could start by calling an animal shelter located near them and asking if there’s anything they can do for the animals there. He also suggests fundraising, as there are many ways to earn money for good causes.

You’re a hero, Kaden!