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Three Sisters Receive PETA Kids’ Compassionate Entrepreneurs Award

Lyrica, Zaira, and Nadira are three young sisters from Tallahassee, Florida. They love to try new hobbies to see what does and doesn’t interest them. Several years ago, they decided that they wanted to start some sort of business involving vegan food—and they did!

They now they have their own restaurant, Bourne Brilliant, in their hometown. They serve a variety of foods, including vegan plates filled with BBQ drumsticks, rice and peas, and candied yams as well as fresh pressed juices and baked goods.

Their goals for this business include “promoting healthier eating habits to families” and seeing “kids participating more in the kitchen.” They also “have a passion for encouraging youth to find and create their own business enterprise.” And they hope Bourne Brilliant will inspire other young people to shoot for the stars, too!

PETA Kids is excited to present these three sisters with our first-ever Compassionate Entrepreneurs Award. We commend them for their compassion and drive in creating a business that encourages its patrons not only to eat healthy but also to save animals—by leaving them off the menu.


Animals aren’t ours to use in any way, and by choosing to go vegan, you can save nearly 200 animals each year. Take the pledge today to leave animals off your plate, just like Lyrica, Zaira, and Nadira encourage folks to do.