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Young Boy Gets Award for Helping Marine Life

Five-year-old Oliver is cleaning up beaches—and encouraging others to do the same! He started after he learned about ways trash in and near the ocean can hurt animals who live there. Then he wanted to challenge his dad to see which one of them could pick up the most trash. So far, they’ve picked up over 3,800 pounds of litter along the coast near their Alabama home.

Boy holding trash by the beach

Oliver and his dad even started their own organization called Clean Horizons to inspire other people to take action for the fragile marine and coastal environment.

PETA Kids is awarding him for all his hard work and dedication. He’s helping to keep marine animals’ habitat clean and free of humans’ trash. Thank you, Oliver, for being an inspiration!

award for Oliver with turtle on it

If you want to help animals like Oliver does, go “trash fishing”! Whether at your local park, a lake, or the ocean, there are so many places you can “catch” trash and make a difference.