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Paying It Forward for Animals

For a lot of kids, birthdays mean getting presents. But for Abby Jones, birthdays are a time to give to others.

Every year, Abby’s grandparents give her $25, and she uses that money to help a cause that she’s passionate about. In past years, she’s bought materials to make snow globes. Then she sold them and donated the money to a group that helps red pandas. One year, she made a big breakfast for the police officers in her town.

Abby calls this her “Pay It Forward” project. She’s helped so many people and inspired others so much that she’s been featured on the news in her hometown of Denver—and even on CNN!

This year, for her 12th birthday, she’s raising money for PETA! She chose PETA because she wants to help as many animals as possible. Abby says that animals “have just as much of a right to live happily on this planet as we do.” She continues, “I have two cats at home who I couldn’t imagine anything bad ever happening to and I wouldn’t wish anything bad happening to any animal ever.”

We think that everyone who shares their home with animals will agree. Thank you so much, Abby!

Check out this video of Abby and see how you can help animals, too:

There are so many animals who will benefit from Abby’s creative spirit and big heart. You can learn more and donate to her project by clicking here.