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These Vegan Dance Shoes Are Something to Plié About!

Dancing is a great way to express yourself and stay healthy. Many ballet classes require you to wear a certain type of outfit head to toe so that you’ll be safe and comfortable and perform your best. Unfortunately, some parts of your outfit, like your shoes, might be made from animals—and wearing dead animals on your feet is no way to express yourself. ?

Ballet shoes can be made from leather, which is the skin of a cow. ? Like us, cows don’t want to die. They’re smart and loving individuals who can feel pain, just like we can. They and other animals don’t want to be killed and used for our shoes or any other parts of our wardrobe, so it’s important that we stick up for them and make sure that we shop for animal-free clothing and shoes (like ballet slippers!).

Luckily, some companies don’t want to hurt animals, either. One in particular, Cynthia King Dance Studio, really cares about the well-being of animals and offers vegan ballet shoes that we can wear for our dance classes—now that’s something to plié about!

Cynthia King Dance Studio sells a variety of vegan ballet shoes, and its customers love them!

Remember, you can gracefully help animals and our planet by choosing to shop for animal-free items. So talk to your parents, and then head on over to Cynthia King Dance Studio (or its online website) to buy a pair of your very own vegan ballet slippers. ♥