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Actor Vivien Lyra Blair Wants YOU to Be Kind to Turkeys This Thanksgiving

Eight-year-old actor Vivien Lyra Blair from the new Netflix movie We Can Be Heroes (coming out in January) is a superhero to animals. Last year, she talked about making the world a kinder place for them. Now, she’s back to share her fave turkey facts and tell everyone that the only bird at her Thanksgiving feast will be her stuffed animal turkey, Pumpkin Pie!

As Vivien points out, turkeys can purr, just like cats! And they love to listen to music (and might even “gobble” along). But those aren’t the only neat things about turkeys. They love to make new friends and be around others. They also have feelings and get sad when a family member or friend dies. ?


We can be kind to turkeys this Thanksgiving by celebrating “ThanksVegan” with our family and friends instead. By choosing to make recipes without meat, eggs, or dairy, we can help protect our animal friends.

So grab a grown-up or two and show them this awesome vegan holiday guide!