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TEDx Speaker Genesis Butler Reveals the Meanest Animal on Earth

Genesis Butler won PETA Kids’ “Cutest Vegan Kid” contest in 2015, and she’s tied for the youngest TEDx speaker ever. Now she has us wondering this: Which animal could possibly be the meanest on Earth?

In her new video for PETA Kids, Genesis mentions a few animals we might answer that question with and explains how nurturing and loving they truly are. Throughout her talk, we’re led on an emotional journey to learn who the meanest animal really is … and it might not be the one we were expecting!

You don’t have to be a meanie. Like Genesis tells us in her video, we can choose not to hurt any living beings. You can help save all animals and be a kind kid by pledging to go vegan. And you can share helpful tips on how we can stop being the meanest animals on Earth with your friends and family, too.