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WATCH: Vegan Doctor Talks About the Link Between Pandemics and Meat

Dr. Angie Sadeghi is a vegan gastroenterologist—a doctor focusing on the digestive system. She created a company called the Institute of Plant-Based Medicine, which connects people with doctors who show them how to be healthy by eating plants. In a new video with PETA Kids, she teaches kind kids (like you) about the link between global pandemics—such as COVID-19—and the dangerous practice of eating animals.

In the video, Dr. Angie explains that as long as people continue to eat animals, pandemics will continue to be a risk. She points out that most new infectious diseases (75%) are zoonotic, meaning they start in other animals and spread to humans!

Eating vegan doesn’t only help prevent pandemics. When you cut out meat, eggs, and dairy, you can get healthier, save animals, and be friendlier to the environment.

As a doctor and a mom, Dr. Angie believes that the best way to stop pandemics from happening is for everyone to live a healthy, vegan life.

You Can Go Vegan!

Do Dr. Angie’s words have you feeling like it’s time to stop eating animals and go vegan? Our guide to going vegan has some great tips. And read about talking to your grown-up about ditching meat, eggs, and dairy so you can live a kinder life.

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