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Proof That Tests On Animals Are Not OK

Right now, hundreds of thousands of mice, rats, rabbits, and other animals are locked inside tiny cages, scared and alone. The only time they’re taken out is when humans perform tests on them and put products—like shampoo, soap, and makeup—on their sensitive skin and in their ears and eyes.

Animals used in product tests are usually so stressed out that they pull out their own fur, bite themselves, and spin around in circles—and they become very scared when any human comes near them.


There is no reason for companies like ChapStick and Neutrogena to hurt animals by testing products on them, especially when so many other companies are already using things like computer models, which don’t harm animals, instead.

Follow these steps to help make your home totally cruelty-free and to teach your family about which companies hurt animals and, more importantly, which ones don’t—like Bath & Body Works, wet n wild, Jason, and others!

1. Write, “Animal testing hurts,” on bandages.


2. Stick the bandages on products in your home that are made by companies that test on animals—like these:

3. Ask your parents to take a picture of one of the bandaged products and send it,* along with your mailing address, to [email protected], and we’ll send you free stickers! (Just remember that we can only send stickers to addresses in the United States and Canada.) And be sure to ask your parents to buy only cruelty-free products from now on.


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