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Forever 21: This Is How Sheep Are Supposed to Live

Forever 21 is still selling wool! Send the company the message that sheep deserve to live free from harm—they don’t want to be hurt, abused, and killed for their wool.

Sheep should live in a place where they can spend time with their friends and family and explore whenever they want to. ? Like all animals, they want to be free to do what they choose—not be condemned to a pain-filled, short life so that humans can wear their wool.

Because companies like Forever 21 are still selling clothes made from sheep’s wool, these animals are still being treated cruelly. They’re often cut badly by shearers—humans who cut their wool off—and then not given any medicine for pain when their cuts are sewn up. ? Sheep aren’t ours to use for clothing—and Forever 21 shouldn’t be making money by supporting the cruel wool industry.

Follow these five easy steps to tell Forever 21 to stop selling wool and help save sheep:

  1. Print out this coloring page:

  1. Grab your favorite cruelty-free markers and crayons and color it in. (Don’t forget to sign your name!)

  1. Address an envelope to Forever 21’s headquarters:

3880 N. Mission Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

  1. Ask your parents to help you mail your colored-in page to the company—but before you put it in the envelope, snap a picture of it.

  1. Ask your parents to share the pic on their Facebook or Instagram pages (and tag Forever 21’s pages) so that more people can learn why they should stop wearing sheep’s wool. Make sure your parents also tag @petakids so that we can check out your masterpiece!

Remember: A great way to help animals is to buy vegan clothes instead of clothes that are made using their skins (such as wool, leather, suede, fur, and down items).