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‘Friends, Not Fabric’ Coloring Sheet

Did you know that sometimes animals are used for clothes?! Some materials that come from animals are wool (the fleece of a sheep or lamb), leather (the skin of a cow, a pig, a goat, or another animal), fur (the natural coat growing from an animal’s skin to keep them warm), or down (the soft layer of feathers found on a duck’s or goose’s chest). Using these things for clothes isn’t nice. The animals are often raised in horrible living conditions, kept inside small cages, beaten or abused in other ways when handled, and then killed.

Animals like cows, sheep, rabbits, coyotes, alligators, lizards, ducks, and alpacas are sensitive individuals. They love exploring, spending time with family, and being comfortable in their idea of a nice spot—like maybe in a pond, on a warm patch of grass, or under a rock.

Remind everyone around you that animals are our friends, not fabric, by printing and coloring in this coloring sheet! The best part is, you can hang it up on your fridge, send it to a family member, or put it in the front of your school binder for more people to see this awesome, animal-friendly message.

We always love to see your artwork, so send a picture of your masterpiece to us at [email protected]. 💖

Remember: There are plenty of ways to keep your body and 💗 warm without hurting animals. Be sure to shop vegan by checking the tags on clothing before you buy it. Look for kind materials like Tencel, acrylic, hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, cork, and pineapple leather!