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PETA Kids’ ‘Cows Are My Friends’ Coloring Page

Cows are friends, not food! These gentle beings have a variety of traits, just like humans. Some cows are quick learners, while others aren’t. Some are adventurous, while others are shy. Some are friendly, while others are bossy. No matter what their personality traits may be, however, they’re complex individuals who make long-lasting friendships and enjoy having fun—and mother cows and their calves love each other. One thing that’s definitely true about cows is that they don’t want to die, and they especially don’t want to be killed for food!

Brown cow on green grass

Use this coloring page to help others understand just how special cows really are and that they should be treated like friends, not food. Ask your grown-up for help downloading and printing it so you can color it in with your favorite colored pencils or crayons. You could also save the file to your computer and use the paint app to make a colorful masterpiece.

Cow Coloring Page

Be sure to hang your coloring page up where people can see it, like on your fridge or school locker, or place it in your binder. And don’t forget to say “No, thank you” when asked to eat animals and choose a vegan option instead—like a vegan burger, veggie meatballs, or dairy-free mac and cheese.