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‘All Animals Deserve Peace on Earth’ Coloring Sheet

The holidays are meant to be spent with friends and family, doing fun activities with those who are near and dear to you. What this season isn’t about is cruelty and suffering. No one deserves to be separated from the ones they love or forced to do anything that causes them to suffer. That’s why—just like humans—nonhuman animals deserve to be with their friends and families and live in peace on Earth.

Use this coloring sheet to remind people you know that we all deserve peace and that, no matter the season or holiday, everyone should get to be with those they love—not separated from their families like the orcas and dolphins at SeaWorld or like mother cows and their calves on dairy farms.

So grab some markers or crayons in your favorite colors, print your free coloring sheet, and start decorating!

Don’t forget to hang this coloring sheet up for all to see and be reminded that animals aren’t here for us, they’re here with us. ♥