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Summertime Kindness to Animals Activity Choice Boards

There are TONS of ways to have fun this summer—like watching birds, reading a comic book, or creating a new recipe. Our monthly Animal Rights Summer Activity Choice Boards will give you lots of ideas and the chance to choose which activity you want to do each day. They’ll keep you entertained and show you ways to help animals and be kind all summer long. ☺️

summer activity choice boards


Each board includes about 20 activities to get you moving, thinking, and practicing compassion. After you’ve completed one, color that square in. Challenge yourself: Can you color in every square by the end of the month? Ask a friend or your brother or sister to print their own choice board so you can do some things on it together.


june summer activity choice board


July summer activity choice board


August summer activity choice board

Looking for some new summer reading? Be sure to check out PETA Kids’ animal-friendly book list!