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Animal-Friendly Apps and Games: Save Animals With a Smartphone!

We all know people who have smartphones, right? They’re so helpful when we want to look up the answer to a question, talk to our families, and play our favorite games. We can even use them to help save animals. How cool is that? Here’s a list of animal-friendly apps and games that you can download on a smartphone to help you always choose compassion, no matter where you are:

Paintball Hero

This game sends players on fun and important missions to save animals. You can use the paintballs that you pick up to knock out (“K.O.”) the villains and send them the message that animals are NOT for us to use in any way.


This app finds restaurants that serve vegan foods near you. You can read other people’s opinions of the restaurants. There are also pictures of the food they serve, so you can be sure you’re picking the BEST place to eat every time!

My Very Hungry Caterpillar

This game is super-fun! Enjoy helping your caterpillar friend explore and find food to eat. You can also tuck your friend into bed and take a peek into the colorful toy box. There are so many activities that you can enjoy together. 🙂

Is It Vegan?

Sometimes when we’re grocery shopping with our family or when we go to the store to pick up snacks with friends, we might miss ingredients that came from animals in the things we want to buy. But with this app, all you have to do is scan a product, and it will tell you if the item is vegan or not. Easy AND fun! ?

Bunny Free

This app tells you if a company is cruelty-free. Use it to search for businesses to find out if they test on animals.

Seals Hero

This game lets players save virtual seals from being killed in its version of the slaughter that happens in Canada every year. As you play, you can learn how to team up with PETA to help save real-life seals, too.


If you ever wonder whether an ingredient is made from animals, this app has a huge list that you can check to find out.

Kitten Squad

In this role-playing adventure game, you’re a kitten who fights robot bad guys to save orcas from a marine-park prison and rescue sheep from the evil “Sheep Puncher.”

Heads up: This game is rated “T” for “teen,” so kids 12 and under should play with an adult. 


We’re so excited for you to try these apps and games! Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family, so you can encourage others to help animals, too.